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Y Patterns


EST: 1950s - 1960s   Artist: Auther Ferrier

Cup Shape: Fluted Countess and Hampton

Series of Six: Bathing, Domestic Bliss, Fishing, Golf, Skating, and Yachting

Other Auther Ferrier Patterns: A Man's Cup, Alley Bowls, Bathing, Bowls, Curling, Domestic Bliss, Fishing, For a Good Sport, Golf, Ladies Alley Bowsl, Ladies Curling, Ladies Lawn Bowls, Skating, Tennis, The Lobster , Yachting

Authur Ferrier
Grass Widow?  Series


Yellow Rose Bud
Old Country Roses

2002 - 1 year only
Limited Run Item

Cup Shape: Malvern

Ruby Celebration Ribbon Collection
Old Country Roses
Christmas Patterns

Yellow Ribbon


Cup Shape: Gainsborough, Mug

Series of Six, Blue Gown, Green Velvet, Orange Taffeta, Pink Brocade, Purple Lace, and Yellow Ribbon

Rose Chintz Series


Yellow Satin

EST After 1966 through the 1970s

Cup Shape:Countess, Montrose, Shelley

Series of six: Blue Taffeta, Green Damask, Grey Chiffon, Pink Brocade, Shot Silk, and Yellow Satin,

Special Collection # 1



1994 to 2004

Cup Shape: Montrose

Series of 12: Cornwall, Cumbria, Devonshire, Hampshire, Kent, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, Staffordshire, Suffolk, Warwickshire, Wiltshire, Yorkshire

English Country Cottages


Yukon, Canada

EST 1970s

Cup Shape: Countess



Early Version

EST 1950s

Cup Shape: Avon, Malvern

Christmas Patterns



Description: Pink Version

Cup Shape:Montrose

Christmas Patterns
montrose teacups and saucers



EST 1996 to 2001

Cup Shape: Montrose

Christmas Patternsmontrose teacups and saucers

Ash Tray
Regal Tray
Sandwich Tray
2 Tier
Tea Set
Cake Plate
Cookie Plate
Cookie Plate
Covered Butter
Covered Sugar
Egg Cups
Gravy Boat
Leaf Relish
Montrose Mug
Shell Shaped Dish
Salt and Pepper
Open Sugar
Square dish
Fancy Dish
Lyric Shaped Mug
Salad Plate

"All Patterns"  Named Patterns

All the Named patterns are listed on the pages below in alphabetical order.
We try to have a photo's of the teacups and saucers in each shape they came in.
Also there are photo's of all the different backstamps of each pattern.

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