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Beatrix Potter Figurines

And this Pig had None

Appley Dapply

Aunt Pettitoes

Babbitty Bumble

Benjamin Bunny

Benjamin Bunny Sat on a Bank

Benjamin Eat a Lettuce Leaf

Benjamin Wakes Up

Cecily Parsley

Chippy Hackee


Cousin Ribby

Diggory Diggory Delvet

Fierce Bad Rabbit

Flopsy Mopsy and Cottontail

Foxy Reading

Foxy Whiskered Gentleman

Gentleman Mouse Made a Bow

Goody Tiptoes

Goody and Timmy Tiptoes

Hunca Munca

Hunca Munca Spills The Beads

Hunca Munca Sweeping

Jemima Puddleduck

Jemima Puddleduck Made a Feather Nest

Jemima Puddleduck with Foxy Whiskered Gentleman

Jeremy Fisher

John Joiner

Johnny Town Mouse

Johnny Town Mouse with a bag

Lady Mouse

Lady Mouse Made a Curtsey

Little Black Rabbit

Little Pig Robinson

Little Pig Robinson Spying

Mittens and Moppet

Mother Ladybird

Mr. Alderman Ptolemy

Mr. Benjamin Bunny

Mr. Benjamin Bunny and Peter Rabbit

Mr. Drake Puddleduck

Miss Dormouse

Mrs. Flopsy Bunny

Mr. Jackson

Mr Jeremy Fisher Digging

Miss Moppet

Mr. McGregor

Mrs Rabbit

Mrs Rabbit & Bunnies

Mrs Rabbit and Petter

Mrs Rabbit Cooking

Mrs. Ribby

Mrs. Tiggy Winkle


Mrs. Tiggy Winkle Takes Tea

Mrs. Titlemouse

Mr. Todd

No More Twist

Old Mr. Bouncer

Old Mr. Brown

Old Mr. Pricklepin

Peter and the Red Pocket Handkerchief

Peter in Bed

Petter in the Gooseberry Net

Peter Rabbit

Peter Rabbit with a Postbag

Peter with Daddodils

Peter Rabbit ate a Radish

Pigling Bland

Pigling Easts His Porridge

Poorly Peter Rabbit

Rebeccah Puddle - Duck


Ribby and the Patty Pan

Sally Henny Penny

Samual Whiskers


Tabitha Twitchit

Tabitha Twitchit and Miss Moppet

Tailor of Glouceste

The Christmas Stocking

The Old Woman who Lived in a Shoe

The Old Woman who Lived in a Shoe Knitting

Timmy Tiptoes

Timmy Willie Sleeping

Timmy Willie From Johnny Town - Mouse

Tom Kitten


Tom Kitten and Butterfly


Tom Thumb

Tommy Brock

Key Chains
Tom Kitten
Egg Cup
Tom Kitten

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